Travel guide to Turks & Caicos

A beautiful tropical beach getaway

By Gal With a Suitcase

Mon Feb 21, 2011 6:46am EST

(Daily Beast) – Intrepid business traveller Jolie Hunt discovers a jewel of serenity in the over-touristed Caribbean — amazing cuisine, impeccable service and 13 spa treatments in one week. The opinions expressed are her own.

Planning a tropical getaway in the dead of winter feels essential to preserving what modicum of sanity remains, especially when the words . . . → Read More: Travel guide to Turks & Caicos


Tropical Beach Getaway Ideas.

Tropical Beach Getaway Ideas.

Depending on exactly where you’re headed, there are many exotic locations around the world including Hawaii, Fiji, the Caribbean and Bora Bora.


The Aloha State of Hawaii offers you a number of different island destinations as well as beaches. Oahu Island is easily the most popular, home to the infamous Waikiki Beach and Honolulu, the state’s capital. Maui offers you several high-class resorts, 16 golf courses, as well as . . . → Read More: Tropical Beach Getaway Ideas.

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