Top 10 Beaches in the Caribbean.

Top Ten Beaches in the Caribbean


tropical beach Top 10 Beaches in the Caribbean.

Caribbean Beaches some of the most relaxing places to spend your afternoon!

By: Where I’ve Been
A luxurious holiday on a Caribbean beach is what every traveler dreams of. The dramatic black sands, beautiful warm sun, rocky shores, and sea air give are enough to give even the most stressed-out visitor a heady rush. Here, we’ve put together a list of ten luxurious Caribbean beaches from Anguilla to Tobago.

Saline Beach, St. Barts: This beach tops our list of the most elegant beaches among the seven thousand Caribbean islands. St. Barts’ secluded V-shaped island spans eight miles and has beguiled folks from all over the globe who are looking for something more than just sand and water.

Pink Beach, Barbuda: Pink Beach is a sublime beach lovers’ getaway. Situated between Eastern Caribbean’s Leeward Islands, it is underdeveloped yet luxuriant.

Anse Chastanet, St. Lucia: The Piton Mountains that surround this beach make it alluring. Intense tropical beauty combined with the mountains’ luscious green and the dark-sand beach put it over the top. Stay in a decadent room overlooking the pristine waters and the Pitons.

Palm Beach, Aruba: You are sure to love the white sands of Palm Beach, which has found a place on the tourist map and in several tourist publications. If you love swimming, fishing, or sailing, it’s the place to be.

cebu beach Top 10 Beaches in the Caribbean.

Witn so many choices it's hard to now which caribbean beach offers the best holidays.

The Gold Coast, Barbados: Also called the Platinum Coast, the Gold Coast boasts luxurious hotels and the best bays and beaches, such as Paynes Bay, Brighton Beach, Paraside Beach, and Brandon’s Beach.

Seven Mile Beach: Although it does not live up to its name, this five-and-a-half-mile-long beach is a dream come true. Its resorts and condos are lavish, and there are ample opportunities for water sports within its aquamarine waters.

St-Jean Beach, St. Barthelemy: Although a bit narrow, this beach will remind you of the French Riviera. The reefs make it a swimmers’ paradise.

Negril Beach, Jamaica: If you are looking for a pretty little beach, this one tops the list. The atmosphere is laid-back, making it the perfect place to listen to the music from the seas and watch the world go by.

Mopion, near St. Vincent: With transparent waters surrounding a dollop of white sands, this beach is a picture-perfect poster beach. This fantasy beach is great for all your tanning excursions and also for snorkeling.

tropical beach serene peaceful 774060 Top 10 Beaches in the Caribbean.

Caribbean beaches are famous for being paradise on earth.

Diamond Beach, Martinique: With smooth white sand, this six-mile-long beach is a paradise. If you want some seclusion and privacy, head to the Diamond Rock.

With exclusive vacation resorts, secluded beaches, and opportunities for snorkeling, sailing, and swimming, the Caribbean is a vacationer’s paradise. The key to having the perfect getaway involves just a little research and a lot of sunscreen. Bon voyage!

Article source: Where I’ve been

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