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Honduras has some of the most beautiful Tropical Beaches found in Central America


Central America is emerging as one popular holiday destination and Honduras is definitely one of those countries that now receive tourists from Europe, Asia and Australia. This is from the traditional US and Canada tourist markets it has relied on for a long time. Previously known as Spanish Honduras to set it apart from British Honduras (now Belize), Honduras shares boarders with Guatemala, which lies to the west, Nicaragua to southeast and El Salvador to the southwest. Towards the north is the Caribbean Sea. The Central America’s second largest country is also connected to North Pacific Ocean by the Gulf of Fonseca. Several Islands and Islets in the Caribbean Sea also form part of Honduras.


Honduras has a lot to offer in terms of ecotourism. The country’s rain forests are very rich in diverse animals. Your visit will certainly not be complete without a visit to the Rio Platano Biosphere Reserve and other notable national parks. You may also take time to visit Utila Island for a perfect view of the whale sharks that gather in the Island waters. If you are adventures then the organized adventure tours will be perfect for you. Such adventures give you the opportunity to snorkel, raft, hike, and fish. You may also choose to go mountain biking or go diving on the Meso American Barrier Reef, reportedly the world’s largest coral reef. Honduras is also one of the major tropical beach gateways. Its tropical beaches that line up its Caribbean coast are some of the most stunning. The moderate temperatures along the tropical beaches simply make them the perfect locations for relaxation. Apart from its tropical beaches and ecosystems, Honduras is country with various festivals you will need to be part of. The la Ceiba Carnaval held in Mid May at San Pedro Sula in particular has become very popular with tourists.  There are different types and classes of accommodation where you can put up during your stay. These range from high-budget hotels and resort to mid-budget accommodation facilities that are otherwise less expensive. Although lodgings are the cheapest, their safety cannot be guaranteed.

Roatan Honduras Honduras

Roatan is a tranquil tropical beach to relax on your next holidays


You can travel to Honduras by road, water or air. Honduras is connected by road to all its neighbors. There are scheduled buses that terminate the country’s borders. You can also enter the country traveling by ferry from Belize. Although there is no boat service between Honduras and El Salvador, you can easily hire a fisherman to transport you from Amapala in El Salvador to La Union across the Gulf of Fonseca. Coming in by air means that you will land at one of the country’s three international airports; Tegucigalpa, Roatan and San Pedro Sula airports. These airports receive international flights from other Central America countries, North and South America and Europe. You can also enter the country by air if you are in one of the neighboring countries.


There are both boat and water taxing for local travel. These are mostly used to access the Islands. Public road transport involving the use of buses is not only cheap but connects various tourist attractions. You can also rent a car either upon landing at one of the airports or one in the country’s major cities. Taxis are also available that you can hire. Apart from boats and water taxis, you can also access several islands by air. Surprisingly, local air travel is very affordable.

honduras beach Honduras

With palm tree lined beaches if you are looking for a tropical getaway then look no further than Roatan island in Honduras


One thing with Honduras in regard to temperature is that the same do not change in a big way. Prevailing temperatures actually depend on a region’s elevation. While temperatures in the mountainous regions range between 16 to 20 degrees centigrade, the temperate areas are usually very warm with temperatures ranging between 24 and 29 degrees centigrade. The period between May and November is usually the rainy season in the mountainous, which can at times be accompanied by storms. During this time, the lowlands and coastal regions remain warm and cool. Rainfall in the lowlands is usually during the period between September and January. You can therefore choose to travel to the country at any time except for the period between August and November, which is the Hurricane season.

roatan beach Honduras

From diving to just chilling out Honduras has too many beaches to choose from.


Covering an area of slightly over 112,000 sq. km with a population of roughly 8 million people, Honduras experiences both tropical climate in the lowland areas and temperate climate in the mountainous regions. Generally, Honduras is a mountainous country. Large populations are to be found in lowland areas. Due to its diverse climate, Honduras is very rich in biodiversity. It is host to about 6,000 plant species, over 100 mammals, 250 reptiles and over 700 bird species. The country has several reserves including the Rio Platano Biosphere Reserve. There are also rain, mangrove and savannah forest rich in plant and animal life.

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